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Exhibition of audiovisual interactive installation made by Szymon Kabała and Mateusz Azi-Marchwicki (The Final Party of the VIVISESJA)

27th November 2010

At Eskulap Club (39 Przybyszewskiego Street, Poznań, Poland)

Szymon Kabała & Mateusz Azi Marchwicki

Szymon Kabała

Born in 1985 in Poznań. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland (currently the University for the Arts) in 2010 gaining an MA in Animation at the Multimedia Communication Department. In his art practice Szymon investigates direct relations between sound and image.

Because of undertaking a 2 level Education in Music he is capable of examining the nature of sound and synthesizing audiovisual tracks. He creates soundtracks to his films himself, what gives them unique climate and a fully unique status. The original combinations of different techniques, such as animation and video, are characterizing his films.

After finishing his apprenticeship at the London based studio “onedotzero” (2009) famous for promoting innovation within the audiovisual arts, he became more interested in creating interactive projections affecting the space. His current works diverge form the standard usage of a screen and projector.

His diploma film “Reset” (2010) had been realized in the 1st Film Workshop (Academy of Fine Arts) under the mentorship of prof. Jacek Adamczyk. Although it was made in a classical doll animation technique, it stood out because of its fresh look at this medium.

It was a story about a robot, which due to the repetition of everyday, routine activities loses sense of time. The only point of reference turns out to be a small pot plant breaded by the robot. The robot looks after the plant everyday.

“Reset” had been valued at the International arena and chosen as one of 20 best animations at the first Vimeo Festival + Awards in New York. In October 2010 audience in New York had a chance to see this film on the screen of the School of Visual Arts Theatre.


Szymon’s collaborator- Mateusz Azi Marchwicki studies Computer Science and is mostly interested in programming. He creates applications based on the analysis of images in real time, as well as applications based on sound and widely understood electronics. Amongst other mechanisms Mateusz constructs MIDI instruments and modifies toys ("circuit bending"). He collaborates with young artists and tries to face technological challenges.

Szymon Kabała and Matuesz Azi Marchwicki will prepare an audiovisual interactive installation especially for the Final Party of the VIVISESJA Festival. Public gathered in the club will have a unique occasion to co-create this work with them in real time.