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Live acts, DJ and VJ sets 2010


The 3rd International Festival Of New Audiovisual Phenomena Vivisesja 2010






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Poznań, 24-27 November 2010

The biggest asset of VIVISESJA programme, as the previous edditions showed are concerts and DJ sets. 2010 VIVISESJA program event honored: Robert Hood (USA) – founder of the legendary Underground Resistance, one of the forerunners of minimal music; Addictive TV (Great Britain) – considered to be the best in the world in visaualisation; Jahcoozi (Germany, Sri Lanka, Great Britain) – recording for the famous Bpitch Records, multinational, energetic trio which creates an attractive mix of electronic bits and sensual vocals; Frank Bretschneider (Germany) – on of the most recognizable authors in the world of intelligent electronica, who works under the trademark of Mille Plateaux or Pleq (Poland), an artist who serves portions of melancholic and experimental sounds at the same time.

2010 programme was also enhanced by unconventional artistic activities in public, which were going to release the festival to the streets, giving VIVISESJA the chance to reach even more audience. One of such events was the first in Poland demonstration of the art of live image-mixing within the city. The Poznań Video Riot project carried this concept over to the streets of Poznań. Equipped with high quality projectors transmission cars demonstrated an audiovisual show. Thanks to this, the active participants as well as the casual passers-by, had the opportunity to see the streets and buildings „animated” by visualisations.


VIVISESJA 2010 programme was enriched also by two competitions, giving the artists the opportunity of promoting themselves under the VIVISESJA trademark. Showreel Competition was an international competition for the best audiovisual portfolio – a multimedia sample of skills of a given artist or studio. The Musical T-shirt competition on the other hand, was aimed at artistically gifted students in secondary and high school, who would like present their musical fascination.

The festival also included many exhibitions presenting achievements in the field of Visual art, such as demonstration of the newest trends in practical graphics. There was also a Designer Toys exhibition – vinyl toys for adults made by Polish and foreign makers – a Real bargain for collectors. A great chance for all designer toys' fans was the works of Pete Fowler, known for the collaboration with Super Furry Animals. The Artist showed not only the toys of his own design, but also graphics and animations.